Imaging at MountainView Hospital

At MountainView, we strive to provide superior service with the latest in imaging care. At MountainView, we offer MRI, CT, nuclear medicine and X-ray services for our patients. We will be adding a bi-plane machine to treat stroke by the end of 2017.

At MountainView, we offer a 64 and 256-slice CT, as well as a dedicated CT in the Emergency Department.

The advanced technology of the 256-slice CT system combines speed and high-quality images to provide you a better CT experience.

MountainView’s 256-slice CT can scan entire organs in less than one second, so you don’t have to hold your breath as long. Additionally, it reduces your radiation dose up to 82% no matter what kind of scan you are having. This also allows pediatric patients with low-dose, sedation-free exams.

Red Rock Radiology (outpatient imaging)

Red Rock Radiology radiologists are board certified and fellowship trained to offer superior service and quality to our referring physicians.

To schedule an appointment call (855) 476-1268.

Our Imaging Centers are proud to offer a no-film environment — complete with a Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS) and computerized radiology. The PACS system digitally stores, transmits and displays radiology images allowing for immediate access to patient information and increased efficiency for the staff. Computerized radiology offers significant diagnostic quality advantages over conventional film methods.

Red Rock Radiology offers 3D Computer Aided Detection (CAD) mammograms. Studies have shown that using CAD can help detect breast cancer earlier, when it can be more easily treated.

Red Rock Radiology and MountainView Hospital have taken the pledge to reduce the imaging radiation dose for adults and children. Find out more at Radiation Right.