Emergency departments in Las Vegas, NV

When a sudden illness or injury occurs, you want access to expert, immediate care. Our full-service emergency room (ER) at MountainView Hospital in northwest Las Vegas provides care focused on saving lives and caring for you and your loved ones.

Our ER is staffed by emergency medicine physicians, highly trained nurses, support staff and on-call medical specialists 24/7. With two freestanding ERs, a Certified Primary Stroke Center and specialized care for chest pain, we are well-prepared for many acute injuries and sudden illnesses in adults and children.

If you're experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Complete emergency medical services

FastTrack care, which allows for rapid evaluation of every ER patient, ensures our team quickly determines the level of care needed. This means we can start diagnostic treatments, order medications and begin life-saving interventions.

MountainView ER amenities include:

  • 42 private ER rooms
  • A dedicated ER entrance
  • A helipad conveniently located near the ER to help transport teams get patients into the emergency room quickly
  • A large ambulance entrance to help emergency service vehicles quickly and efficiently offload patients to a waiting team of doctors and nurses
  • In-house laboratory and pharmacy
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including positron emission tomography computerized tomography (PET-CT) scans and other advanced imaging services for quick evaluation of patients with chest pain

Advanced emergency stroke care

Our Primary Stroke Center is certified by The Joint Commission in collaboration with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. The certification means our experts provide consistent care fostering excellent outcomes for patients with stroke symptoms.

If you or a loved one show signs of a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. Our highly trained team in neurological services will be ready to care for you upon arrival.

To remember the signs of a stroke, use the acronym, "BE FAST".

  • B – Balance Is the person suddenly having trouble with balance or coordination?
  • E – Eyes, is the person experiencing suddenly blurred or double vision or a sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes?
  • Face—Facial numbness. Ask your loved one to smile and check if one side of the face droops.
  • Arms—Arm numbness. Encourage your loved one to raise their arms and see if one lowers.
  • Speech—Slurred speech. Watch for difficulty in speaking or slurring while speaking.
  • Time—When you see the above symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Cardiac emergency care

Our team in cardiology services has a reputation for a high level of care for patients with cardiac emergencies. At MountainView, we treat patients with heart failure, atrial fibrillation, heart disease and angina. We also provide advanced care for patients who may be experiencing a heart attack.

Our "rapid-rule-out" process is especially effective in guiding treatment during cardiac emergencies. Our protocols helped our hospital earn recognition from The Joint Commission for high-quality patient outcomes in chest pain treatment.


2020 healthgrades five star for treatment of stroke award

2020 healthgrades five star for treatment of sepsis award

Our Primary Stroke Center is certified by The Joint Commission in collaboration with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for our expertise in treating complex stroke symptoms and caring for the special needs of stroke patients.

Our ER is certified by The Joint Commission for our consistent excellence in delivering chest pain care.

Intensive care units (critical care)

We are proud to offer four intensive care units that serve our patients with the greatest critical needs.

Our ICUs include medical, surgical, cardiac and neurological units. Dedicated ICU nurses care for our patients following strokes, heart surgeries, brain surgeries and other medical conditions. The expanded care team includes intensivists (often called critical care physicians), respiratory therapists, dietary, case management and chaplain services. Our larger care team meets daily to plan the individualized care for each patient.

Our ICUs have been recognized by Healthgrades as the recipient of the Critical Care Excellence Award two years in a row (2020-2021) and was named among the top 5 percent in the nation for critical care in 2021.

Freestanding ERs offer additional care options

ER at Aliante and ER at Skye Canyon are freestanding emergency rooms (FSERs) serving the North Las Vegas and Northwest Las Vegas areas, respectively. Patients arriving at these locations have access to the same highly skilled emergency doctors, ER nurses and support staff as they would at our main hospital ER.

Our FSERs have the latest in diagnostic testing, imaging and pharmacy services. When advanced care is needed, our team transfers patients quickly and efficiently to the nearest hospital ER or intensive care unit.

Text "ER" to 32222 or check online to find out the latest wait time for our ER.