Diagnostic medical imaging in Las Vegas

Accurate medical imaging is essential to proper diagnosis and treatment. At MountainView Hospital, we are equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technology and equipment to help diagnose and treat your conditions. Our imaging services are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

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The American College of Radiology has accredited MountainView Hospital and Red Rock Radiology for meeting high-quality practice standards in MRI, nuclear medicine, positron emission testing, ultrasound and CT scanning.

Our board-certified radiologists and knowledgeable staff provide diagnostic imaging services to identify and treat various conditions. Our advanced imaging services include:

  • 256-slice computerized tomography (CT)—Commonly used to examine the brain, chest, abdomen and pelvis
  • Chemo embolization and microwave ablation for cancer tumors—Minimally invasive procedure to restrict blood flow to the tumor
  • Interventional radiology—Specialty of radiology using iodine contrast and minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)—Uses a high-powered magnet and radio waves to create accurate and detailed images
  • Needle localizations/RF tag placement—Used for breast surgeries to locate a specific area within the breast prior to surgically removing the tissue
  • Ultrasound—Enables physicians to see inside the body to evaluate internal organs, pregnancies, cancer, abdominal disorders, blood vessel problems, pelvic disorders and other conditions
  • Wide bore MRI—Open-sided MRI machine that prevents claustrophobia, or for patients with wider girth, when undergoing an MRI procedure
  • X-ray—A high energy form of electromagnetic waves that helps doctors visualize bones, soft tissues and organs

Filmless radiology

MountainView is a no-film environment featuring a picture archiving communications system (PACS) and computerized radiology. The PACS system digitally stores, transmits and displays radiology images, allowing immediate access to patient information and increased efficiency for the staff.

Computerized radiology also offers significant diagnostic quality advantages over conventional film methods.

Breast mammograms and ultrasounds

Early detection of breast cancer is key to effective treatment and recovery. We offer screening and diagnostic breast mammograms, 3D computer-aided detected mammograms, breast ultrasounds and MRIs to make sure we get enough information to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Outpatient imaging services

Red Rock Radiology features many diagnostic imaging tests and screenings on an outpatient basis. Our center offers convenient appointments so you can fit the tests into your schedule. In some cases, we offer same-day appointments.

To schedule an appointment, call (855) 476-1268.

Reducing radiation exposure

MountainView Hospital and Red Rock Radiology have taken the pledge to reduce the imaging radiation dose for the safety of adults and children. Our entire staff is engaged in this effort, with efforts focusing on:

  • Preventing accidental or isolated incidents of excessive exposure
  • Reducing cumulative radiation dose, which is the sum total of radiation received by a given patient over time
  • Focusing on nationally accepted guidelines to assure that we always give the lowest effective dose of radiation possible