MountainView Hospital - October 18, 2018

The healthcare profession carries on a time-honored tradition of compassionate care. Technicians, nurses, primary care physicians and specialists—all of the healthcare providers at MountainView Hospital genuinely care about the health and safety of our patients. During National Healthcare Quality Week, which extends from October 21-27, we invite you to reflect on what quality care means to you.

Share a story

Have you experienced the difference that quality healthcare can make? Perhaps a friendly nurse offered a shoulder to lean on during a difficult time. Or perhaps your family physician took the extra time to connect you with local resources to help you improve your health or reach a health goal.

Healthcare quality is made up of little moments like these that show patients just how much their providers truly do care about them. You can show your appreciation by sharing your story of how a provider’s compassionate care helped you during a difficult time.

Schedule a screening

Doctors and nurses are keenly aware of the importance of preventive medicine. Every day, they see the harsh realities of serious diseases that might have been prevented or detected earlier. And there are few things a dedicated provider enjoys more than knowing his or her patients are taking proactive steps to protect their health.

Another way you can share your appreciation for healthcare quality is by scheduling an annual exam and health screenings. Your primary care physician can review your health history and recommend health screenings that are appropriate for you.

Become a volunteer

If quality healthcare has made a major difference in your life, consider giving back to the community by volunteering in the hospital. Hospital volunteers are dedicated individuals who are motivated by a desire to help others. The important work that volunteers do allows doctors and nurses to spend more time delivering high-quality healthcare.

MountainView Hospital is a proud HCA affiliate. It’s an affiliation that reflects our commitment to bringing our patients superior care through state-of-the-art medical technology and exceptionally trained providers. If you have any questions about our healthcare specialties, you can call (702) 962-5021 to speak with a friendly member of our nursing staff here in Las Vegas.