MountainView Hospital - February 18, 2021
Natalie Gardner with daughter Abby and husband Tim

As part of our 25th anniversary, we have asked for colleagues' stories and memories from over the years.

At MountainView Hospital, we like to say “we care like family,” or “we care for our patients like our loved ones.” Sometimes our patients are our colleagues, or their family members and we really do mean it when we say we care for them like family.

Natalie Gardner, RN, has worked at MountainView for 23 years. She celebrated her anniversary February 2, 2021. Like many hospital colleagues, she and her family have been cared for at MountainView over the years – through joyous occasions, difficult diagnoses and times of grief.

“Over the years, I have worked various positions and met wonderful colleagues. I have referred many family, friends and the community to MountainView for care and for employment,” Natalie said. “Many of my recruits and new graduates nurses are still here 15+ years later! HCA even sent me to Philippines, Singapore, Oahu, and various states to recruit nurses. We were fortunate to hire our very own MountainView family members from these places!”

In 2007, Natalie's daughter Abby was born at MountainView via emergency C-section. Natalie was treated for a thyroid disorder during her pregnancy and Abby was born with a life threatening low thyroid level. Abby spent her first two weeks of life in the MountainView level II NICU.

“The entire Women's Services department took wonderful care of Abby and me,” Natalie said. “It's hard to believe she is 14 years old now and excited to volunteer here some day!”

MountainView's colleagues were also there for Natalie and her family when her husband, Tim Gardner, Physician Assistant, a fellow MountainView colleague, was diagnosed with a Meningioma (brain tumor) in May 2015.

Tim had been suffering terrible headaches, and eventually sought care at MountainView's ER, where he received the diagnosis.

Tim Gardner and daughter Abby in the Neuro ICU at MountainView

Tim underwent a craniotomy at MountainView and was cared for in the Neuro ICU. He then suffered a post operative subdural hematoma. He was hospitalized for a month and was cared for again in the Neuro ICU. This was followed by three weeks in inpatient rehab. He continued his recovery at home and worked with MountainView's Outpatient Rehabilitation for two more months. Regarding his stay in the ICU and experience with the rehab staff, Tim said: “I was impressed with both the technical expertise of the staff and their sincere compassion.”

“He was cared for by so many departments and amazing staff,” Natalie said. “When he attended the holiday party in 2015, the staff welcomed him with so much support and kindness; they were so happy to see how well he recovered.”

“Many employees over the years, and even now, still ask about his progress and recovery.”

Thankfully, Tim recovered well and returned to work later that year.

And while the family was still recovering from Tim's health scare, Tim's father was also being cared for at MountainView. He eventually transitioned to hospice care and passed away in 2016.

“We are beyond grateful for MountainView's care and compassion for my family and friends!” Natalie said.