MountainView Hospital - December 15, 2021

We love our family and look forward to spending quality time with them, especially those we’ve had to stay apart from during the pandemic. When considering family gatherings, we asked Dr. Clarence Dunagan, Department Chief of Emergency Services at MountainView Hospital, how we can best protect ourselves while still enjoying our holidays.

“Ideally, we hope that everybody has been vaccinated for COVID. That's the best thing you can do to protect your family” Dr. Dunagan said. “If you have people that are coming in from out of town and you're unclear about vaccination status, then we suggest wearing masks and keeping that social distance of six feet. But yes, I think getting together with family is fine.”

So, feel free to welcome your family members and friends into your home, but remember to wash your hands and wear a mask when needed. As always, celebrating with family and friends virtually is always a safe option.

The last day of the year calls for a party, especially in Las Vegas. The crowd of people who gather on the Strip can become more crowded than usual. In situations like these, it’s hard to navigate safety risks while still trying to celebrate like we used to.

 “About a third of people on the road are under the influence of something since marijuana was legalized. We have a lot of patients on chronic pain meds, and certainly a lot of people that are drinking alcohol. So just be mindful of that when you're driving on the roads this holiday. There's certainly higher incidences with people that are altered” Dr. Dunagan said.

Make sure to have a designated driver if you’re choosing to celebrate with alcohol outside of your home.

Who ever said you can’t party in your own home? Make some cocktails and ring in the new year from the comfort of your couch.

Quarantine has not been easy, and there are many people who are excited to start having fun again. However, safety for yourself and those around you should still be a priority. It’s best to enter into this new year happy and healthy.