MountainView Hospital - March 13, 2023
by Jennifer McDonnell
Dr. Kathie Velez

Dr. Kathie Velez

PGY-1 Transitional Year

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Kathie is no stranger to hard work. She has worked as a janitor, an event staffing manager and at a car dealership. But her end goal was always in mind – to be a physician and serve the people of Nevada.

The Las Vegas native grew up three minutes from MountainView Hospital; her brother was born here. As a medical student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she also earned her undergraduate degree, she did her fourth-year rotations at MountainView.

Now, as a first-year resident, Kathie is a transitional year resident with the Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium at MountainView.

“This is the job I’ve been waiting to do for a decade,” Kathie said after getting off a shift a MountainView. “Every day that I’m here I’m so thankful.”

Kathie attended A-Tech high school in Las Vegas, and is a first-generation college student.

Kathie was accepted and attended UNLV’s medical school. When it came time for the residency match after graduation, Kathie had to submit two applications, one for her first year and then a second for a specialty in dermatology. Kathie matched at MountainView Hospital for her first year and the University of Michigan for her next three. There are no dermatology residency programs in Nevada.

“I am so lucky to be here,” Kathie said. “I have great co-residents and great attendings, it’s a great program.”

As for her plans post-residency, Kathie said she plans on coming back to Las Vegas to practice medicine.

“I do want to come back,” she said. “My family is here and Nevada is my home.”