MountainView Hospital - October 18, 2018

The second annual National Check Your Meds Day is nearly here! On October 21st, patients are encouraged to take advantage of events hosted by pharmacies across the country. These include “brown bag” medication reviews offered by pharmacists underscore the importance of knowing exactly which medications you’re taking and how they could interact with each other. But if you miss a brown bag event near you, there’s no need to worry. You can always count on the team at MountainView Hospital to give you sound medical guidance.

Keep a list of your medications

If you’re taking any kind of medication regularly, whether prescribed or over the counter, it’s a smart move to write it down. Note the name of the medication, the dosage strength and how many doses you take each day. Keep this list in your wallet or purse so that it’s handy in the event you need emergency care.

Ask for a medication review

One of the reasons why National Check Your Meds Day got its start is that many patients are prescribed medications by different doctors. For instance, your primary care physician might prescribe an antidepressant and your cardiologist might prescribe a high blood pressure medication. This can create the potential for different drugs to interact with each other, which can cause undesirable side effects.

Your primary care physician should know about all of the medications you’re taking, including over-the-counter drugs. Bring in your list of medications and ask your doctor to take a look for potential problems.

Check your meds at the pharmacy

Another way to be a proactive patient is to double-check your medications when you pick them up at the pharmacy. Note whether the pills look different. Are they a different color or shape, or do they have a different identifying number?

If your pills look different, ask your pharmacist to verify that they are the correct medication.

If you ever have questions about your medications, a registered nurse or physician at MountainView Hospital is always here to help. Our hospital in Las Vegas provides patient-centered care that focuses on your unique health needs and goals. Call a registered nurse today at (702) 962-5021 or explore our upcoming community health classes.