MountainView Hospital - February 10, 2020

Two members of the MountainView cardiac rehab program hold a shirt that says, take your recovery to heart

In honor of Cardiac Rehab Week, Feb. 9-15, MountainView Hospital is highlighting the Cardiac Rehab program in its Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center.

The cardiac rehab program is built for patients who have a cardiac dysfunction or had a heart-related procedure, inpatient and outpatient, to confidently resume their normal activities.

Its emphasis is on creating an individualized plan for each patient with exercise, nutrition, stress management, weight management, treatment option information, smoking cessation and education on their diagnosis.

MountainView cardiac rehab program’s goal for each patient is to enhance their understanding of their condition and improve their cardiovascular function. Patients receive educational manuals designed to support them and their families on the rehabilitation journey.

Patients learn to build the foundations to manage their condition and make their path toward a healthier lifestyle and goals to better their present and future.

The program helps each patient build confidence in continuing their everyday life.

For more information about our Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, call (702) 961-7620 or visit Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.