MountainView Hospital - February 10, 2021
Jesse proposing to Alexandra in the desert landscape

To celebrate 25 years of caring for the community, we asked MountainView employees for their stories. Below is one of those stories, of how two colleagues found each other — and love.

When Alexandra Lambropoulos, RN, started at MountainView Hospital in 2018 as a new graduate nurse, she never expected her life to take the path that it has.

Like many new grads, Alexandra applied to multiple hospitals and was offered positions at MountainView Hospital and sister hospital, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.

Jess and Alex standing on a pier looking at each other in front of a ferris wheel

Alexandra decided to accept the position at MountainView Hospital and began her career as an ER nurse.

Jesse Godinez, phlebotomist at Mountainview Hospital's Lab Department had worked at the hospital for several years before meeting Alexandra. The pair hit it off after a couple of chance meetings while caring for patients.

"The day we met, I had given her some critical results for a patient she was taking care of," Godinez said. "The patient's troponin was elevated and I told her, 'I bet mine would be too if you were taking care of me as well.' From then on we started talking and she fell in love with all my little pickup lines I had for her."

One of Jesse's favorite stories to get Alex's attention was when they were both in the triage area. Jesse put a "fall risk" band on his arm — then walked up to Alex to chat.

"She noticed the band and said, 'Why do you have that fall risk band on? 'I replied, 'Oh that's because I'm going to fall for you!'" Jesse said.

Jesse and Alex with their family with the mountains and desert behind them

And fall for each other they did! The couple married Jan. 31, 2021!

Together, they have traveled throughout the United States (pre-COVID) and are now expecting twins, a boy and a girl, in June!

"I truly believe everything happens for a reason," Alexandra said. "I am still so very grateful that I chose to take the position at MountainView ED, otherwise we would have never met each other. I will forever be grateful to the hospital for helping me find my soulmate."