MountainView Hospital
February 06, 2019

The Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, based at MountainView Hospital, will host two days of live-stream surgeries as part of the North American Robotic Urology Society (NARUS) national conference, held in Las Vegas Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, 2019.

The live stream urology surgeries are part of the educational component of the NARUS conference that attracts surgeons from across the United States to review and learn about surgical concepts across multiple disease sites. The surgeries will be live-streamed to the physician audience, who will be able to observe and ask questions in real time to the surgeons performing the cases.

The surgeries will be performed by Las Vegas robotic surgeon Dr. Alex Lesani, along with internationally renowned surgeons:

  • Tom Ahlering, UC Irving with a focus on low risk prostates
  • John Davis, MD Anderson with a focus on high risk prostates
  • Jim Porter, Swedish Hospital with a focus on kidneys
  • Lee Zhao, New York University with a focus on ureters

MountainView Hospital is the leading provider of robotic assisted surgeries in southern Nevada, with five surgical robots, including the latest Xi robotic surgical system. Minimally invasive surgery allows for a quicker recovery time, less pain, less bleeding and shorter hospitalization.

MountainView continues to be the leader in robotic surgery, offering a robust, in-depth training experience for the Graduate Medical Education residents, and an extensive panel of surgeons and pairing them with trained staff and nurses, who are part of dedicated robotic surgical teams.

MountainView offers many different types of robotically assisted procedures including ear, nose and throat (ENT), gynecological, fertility and gynecological oncology, urogynecological, urology, thoracic, colorectal and general surgery including single-site gallbladder surgery. For a full list of procedures performed by the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, please visit: LVIRS. To find a physician who practices at MountainView's Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, please call (702) 962-5021.