MountainView Hospital
January 29, 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV Jan. 29, 2019 – MountainView Hospital this week opened its new 24-bed Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), designed with the comfort of parents, and their babies, in mind.

The new, 7,200-square-foot, 24-bed unit was specifically designed so that new parents and babies can stay together at all times. Each NICU bay has a full, pullout sleep bed to accommodate parents at the bedside.

Additionally, the unit includes all new state-of-the-art equipment, including specialized isolates for the tiniest of patients. Each bed area has the ability to meet the needs of each baby, individually allowing clinical staff to mimic the womb environment. Caregivers have the ability to provide all comfort measures for babies, including diming of lights and noise reduction flooring, all to promote growth and comfort.

"Every aspect of the new Level III NICU was designed with comfort in mind," said Veronica Sequeira, MountainView Hospital Women's Services Director. "Normally NICUs are cramped, with little room for privacy and rarely ever any space for overnight accommodations for parents. We wanted to change that as the first days and months are a precious time for baby and parents."

The new unit also includes isolation rooms, as well as large, private pumping rooms for moms to provide breast milk to their baby.

"We continue to see growth in our Women's Services department, with new parents choosing MountainView Hospital for their delivery," said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. "With this latest expansion, we are able to provide the highest level of care for our tiniest patients, in a warm and welcoming environment that purposely seeks to include the entire family."

The new Level III NICU was part of a larger, phased remodel of MountainView Hospital's Women's Services unit, which included expanding the number of post-partum beds to 32 and was unveiled in early 2018. In late 2017, MountainView finished the remodel of its Labor & Delivery Unit, to include eight private birthing suites, four-bed triage and four antepartum rooms.

MountainView offers family-centered couple care, accommodations for partners, highly-trained OBGYN specialists and expert OBGYN nursing staff.