MountainView Hospital
September 16, 2019

MountainView Hospital and Synaptive Medical joined forces to bring the innovative Synaptive Medical robot to two local Las Vegas Schools.

The schools visited were Faith Lutheran Middle & High School and Cimarron-Memorial High School.

The teaching systems that students were introduced to, Synaptive Medical's BrightMatter™ system and Modus VTM robotic arm, are highly detailed imaging, navigation and robotic platforms. The technology is used by surgeons to operate on brain tumors, aneurysms, vascular lesions and skull-based pathologies. The high-powered digital robotic microscope and light source can also be used by surgeons performing minimally invasive spine surgery.

MountainView purchased the system for the hospital to perform these intricate surgeries and was the first in the state earlier this year with the integrated system and one of 30 in the United States.

Dr. Scott Glickman, neurosurgeon, spoke with groups of students at both schools, and helped connect the dots between math, science and future careers.

"What you are learning today is the building blocks for what will be developed in the future," Dr. Glickman said. "One of you sitting here may develop the next robot, or surgical instrument, or medical breakthrough that I will be using 20 years from now."

Students had the chance to not only ask questions of Dr. Glickman and the MountainView and Synaptive teams, but they had the chance to "test drive" the equipment to see how it responds and performs.

"We are so pleased that we have been able to partner with local schools to inspire students to be excited and interested in math and science," said Jeremy Bradshaw, MountainView Chief Executive Officer. "Hopefully hearing from professionals in the field of medicine, science and engineering helped students understand that there are world of possibilities for them."

Synaptive Medical co-founder & president, Cameron Piron, added "We've partnered with hospitals across North America to implement our Modus Plan(tm) and Modus V in neurosurgical departments, furthering innovation in the operating room. We are thrilled that Dr. Glickman and MountainView had the chance to provide a demo of Synaptive's technologies to local Las Vegas math and science students and to discuss the real-world implications of surgical robots and imaging technologies."