MountainView Hospital
November 30, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – MountainView Hospital has performed the first robot-assisted Whipple procedure in Las Vegas. Las Vegas native, Matthew Selleck, DO, a dual board-certified general surgeon and complex general surgical oncologist on staff at the hospital successfully performed this highly complex surgery in July.

A Whipple procedure, as known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy, is performed to remove growths or tumors in the pancreas, bile duct or small intestine that may be pre-cancerous or cancerous. It is not only complex in a procedural sense, but also in terms of after-care.

“This procedure often requires patients to have a lengthy stay in the hospital and a fair amount of risk related to it,” explained Dr. Selleck who received his residency and fellowship training at Loma Linda University Medical Center. “A typical procedure can take between five to eight hours; this particular case took seven hours.”

Although MountainView Hospital is a high-volume center and Dr. Selleck has performed many of these and other complex surgical procedures, what made this a “first” in Las Vegas, was that this procedure was performed using a state-of-the-art robotic system. A robotic procedure can only be performed by a highly skilled and specially-trained surgeon, like Dr. Selleck.

“A physician born and raised in the community, Dr. Selleck brings a unique and heartfelt commitment to providing compassionate care to those who call Las Vegas home,” said Hiral Patel, chief executive officer at MountainView Hospital. “With his exceptional skillset we are able to offer this amazing technology and intervention to more of our community”.

Robotic procedures at MountainView Hospital are performed by surgeons who have spent countless hours training on the system. These surgeons guide robots that enhance the precision, stability and visualization of the procedure. The robot provides a clear and steady view of the surgical field while giving the surgeon more control. Robotic surgeries offer a number of benefits to the patient including; smaller incisions, less pain, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay.