About Robotic Throat Surgery

Cancer that occurs in the throat (the pharynx), the voice box (larynx), the base of the tongue or tonsils is commonly called throat cancer.

Head and Neck Cancer Regions

If your doctor recommends surgery, there are two main types: open and transoral (through the mouth). Tumor size, stage and location will determine the type of surgery required.

Traditional open surgery to remove throat cancer requires your surgeon to make a long incision through the jaw and throat. Your surgeon may also need to break the jawbone to access the tumor. This can result in disfigurement as well as difficulty eating, speaking and swallowing.

Transoral surgery is a much less invasive treatment option. Using a surgical camera inserted into the mouth, the surgeon is able to resect the cancerous lesion without the incision through the neck and jaw. This approach may also minimize or eliminate the need for chemo or radiation and its potential side-effects. However, depending on the location of the lesion or tumor, surgeons may be limited by instrumentation and visualization, which means this approach may not be appropriate for all cases.