Curriculum and rotation schedule

Operative Experience

The Surgery Residency Program offers a comprehensive clinical experience for surgeons in training. Operative experience begins in the first year, with progressive advancement in complexity of cases with experience. Each graduating resident, over the course of the residency, is expected to average greater than 1,000 cases.

Block Schedule

The core curriculum has been developed to integrate basic science, clinical science, case studies and procedural skills into every rotation. Each didactic lecture will begin with a discussion on the basic science aspects of the subject being presented for incorporation into each clinical topic.

Residents will have the opportunity to discuss risk-benefit analysis in the context of their plans of care and the use of evidence-based literature to back surgical decisions.

Journal Club is held monthly. Recognizing that medical literature is widely variable in the quality of study design, data analysis and presentation of results, the Journal Club will be an essential part of understanding the literature and continued learning. Understanding the study design, gathering reflective associated studies for comparison and knowing how to apply appropriate statistics to evaluate a problem are essential discussions.

Didactics are held one day per week for a half day, as follows:

  • 0700 M&M Conference
  • 0800 Didactic Presentation
  • 0900 Selected Readings in General Surgery or Journal Club

Simulation and skills training occurs weekly.