David M. Hart, MD

Thank you for your interest in the Sunrise Health GME Consortium Emergency Medicine Residency Program. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our training facilities have an aggregate patient volume of 240,000 patient visits per year. Both are high acuity hospitals with admission rates in the 30% range and critical care admissions in the 9% range.

The program utilizes an innovative approach to medical education called the Modular Active Learning Curriculum for Emergency Medicine (MALCEM). The MALCEM is a literature‐ based curriculum organized into topical 50‐60 page reading blocks that are assigned to residents weekly. The knowledge‐building exercise consists of a 100% faculty‐led "flipped classroom" style interactive learning discussion on the reading blocks, followed by a simulation paired with the learning objectives of the module. By combining self‐learning, transactional knowledge building, and kinesthetic learning, our entire emergency medicine curriculum is taught for adult learners by design.

The combination of a robust clinical training program with an innovative educational approach has enabled our residents to excel. Most residents achieve their required procedural experience within the first year. Our first full class graduated in 2021 and we could not be more proud of them. Despite the recent COVID‐19 pandemic challenges, our residents have adapted and flourished and we remain committed to resident wellness, diversity, and leadership.

I look forward to reviewing your application.

Best wishes during this unusual recruiting season and stay safe.

David M. Hart, MD