MountainView Hospital
June 03, 2020

This memo was distributed to MountainView colleagues on June 3, 2020. MountainView Hospital feels strongly that fostering change begins with listening and having these conversations with each other and the community.

Dear MountainView Colleagues,

The past several months of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic have been unlike anything many of us have ever experienced. Then, as we start to recover and return to some sense of normalcy, we get the additional challenge with the pain of our fellow colleagues, neighbors and friends who are striving to have their voices heard.

I want you to know that seeing and learning about the events over the past week has personally disturbed me. I want to acknowledge the pain, hurt and frustration many of our colleagues are feeling. While I may never personally understand the challenges our minority communities face, I want you to know we hear you, we see you, and we stand with you to foster much needed change in our country.

MountainView Hospital should always be a safe place for you to come to work or receive care. We strive to provide an open and inclusive environment, free of any kind of harassment or discrimination, so we can focus on our shared goal - high quality patient care. Each of our colleagues is a vital member of the care team.

We affirm that our differences make us stronger and they should be respected and encouraged with open arms. If there is ever an incident that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, I want you to bring it to leadership's attention.

Many of us not directly impacted by the most recent events have struggled to find the right things to say, the right way to show support and how to be the right ally to the cause. I challenge you to LISTEN. Listen to your colleagues, your patients, your neighbors, your friends. Maybe by being heard, acknowledged and valued, we can all start on the path toward healing. Through this listening, we can learn, change and deliberately do our part to foster change.

Healthcare colleagues have long been advocates for anti-discrimination in care, service, quality and communication. Your actions in these areas and the desire to do the right thing continues to make me proud to call you my colleagues. Thank you.


Jeremy Bradshaw

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