MountainView Hospital has performed a unique surgery using an implantable curved device to repair a crushed or fractured pelvis – a first of its kind surgery for Nevada.

This surgery has only been replicated about 50 times across the United States. Traditional treatment for these types of injuries uses straight screws and bone plates, which due to the curvature of the pelvis, can create limitations for the patients post-surgery.

The specialized surgery was performed by Dr. Jessica Kingsberg, with assistance from the MountainView Hospital surgical team. Dr. Kingsberg, MountainView Hospital Chair of the Department of Surgery and the Department of Orthopedics has extensive training in pelvis and extremity trauma.

The traditional surgery is to do percutaneous intramedullary pelvic fixation and to use a cannulated screw; this proves difficult when putting in a straight implant in a curved bone. The implant is a novel implantable device for the fixation of pelvic fractures and follows the natural bone shape and fills the space within curved bones such as the pelvis.

“It is very exciting that MountainView supports its surgeons to provide the best care for our patients,” said Dr. Kingsberg. “That we are the first in Nevada to offer this type of surgery is a testament to the care MountainView and its care teams deliver.”

The surgery performed uses a curved implant that functions similar to a suspension bridge, using tension and transfer of force to create stability. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon locks the cables and the implant becomes rigid.

“The use of a novel orthopedic device shows the dedication of MountainView Hospital and its surgeons to bringing innovative therapies to our patients and the Las Vegas valley,” said Matthew Cova, MountainView Hospital Chief Operating Officer. “MountainView prides itself on being the ‘first’ in many areas for our patients, allowing them to receive the care they need close to home.”