MountainView Hospital
October 08, 2020

LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas Heart Associates Cardiologist Niuton Koide, MD, FACC and MountainView Hospital are the first in Nevada to implant a new cardiac monitoring tool for diagnosing, managing and monitoring long-term heart conditions such as; atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. The Insertable Cardiac Monitor System (ICM), used for the first time this week, is a small device surgically placed under the skin of a patient’s chest by a physician. The brief minimally invasive outpatient procedure is typically performed at the hospital.

Once implanted the device requires cellular or Wi-Fi capability, a home communicator device or a smart phone in which data is transmitted to your physician. There is a smart phone and tablet app available to pair with the ICM. The system has a remote monitoring component which allows both the patient and the physician to connect to the device via the app to see real-time data including current heart rhythms. The device “watches” for any cardiac problems that may arise 24-hours–a-day for up to four and a half years after the device is inserted. The app allows patients the capability to also record symptoms as they happen, which is then sent to the doctor.

“ICMs are prescribed when a physician is unable to diagnose the cause of your symptoms by standard methods such as an EKG,” said Dr. Koide, Medical Director of Electrophysiology. “There needs to be a longer period to monitor, this is a solution for chronic disease management that is accurate, instantaneous and provides peace of mind for my patients.”

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