Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery

Lynn Kowalski, MD
Dr. Lynn Kowalski
Medical Director, Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery

Eleanor Markle, RN
Eleanor Markle, RN, CNOR
Robotics Program Coordinator

da Vinci® Robotic Surgery Procedures Currently Available at MountainView Hospital

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Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery

We are dedicated to bringing you the services and support needed to make your surgery a success. The most important part of our program is YOU!

Your commitment and cooperation is vital to a rapid and successful recovery. The Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery provides patients with the option of robotic surgery, which allows for more surgical precision and improved care for our patients.

Our program is unique because of the number of highly trained surgeons that make up our panel, as well as our dedicated coordinator guiding every aspect of your care.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality, compassion and comfort for all of our patients. Thank you for entrusting your care to MountainView’s Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery.

MountainView’s Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery coordinator works with you and your physician to help guide every aspect of your care. Our coordinator, Eleanor Markle, has extensive clinical experience in robotic surgery and in working with patients. She works with all the facets of our robotic program, from coordination of surgery scheduling to community education. Eleanor works with physicians and their offices helping to ensure your experience is seamless. You will probably see her at some point in the process of your robotic surgery.

A Dedicated Robotic Team Improves Patient Outcomes

In 2011, MountainView Hospital launched the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery to provide patients with a minimally invasive method of surgery that allows for even more precision and care for our patients. During our procedures, we have a dedicated multidisciplinary Robotics team that services our patients in every robotic case. This team creates consistency and standardization in the level of care, which improves patient outcomes.

MountainView Hospital Performs Southern Nevada's First Robotic Lobectomy

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"Firefly" Clinical Trial

MountainView Hospital is the only hospital in Las Vegas to take part in a clinical trial that uses Directed Imaging during minimally invasive hysterectomies for cervical and uterine cancer. Read more

Multiple Specialities

We have a variety of specialties performing robotic surgery at MountainView, including urology, gynecology oncology, colorectal surgery, general gynecology, otolaryngology, general surgery, bariatric and urogynecology.

To be referred to a physician who performs da Vinci® robotic surgery at MountainView Hospital, call (702) 233-5474.

See a list of physicians performing daVinci robotic surgery at MountainView Hospital Las Vegas

At the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, we have performed more than 1,600 procedures via robotic-assisted surgery, making MountainView one of the most experienced robotic programs in the state of Nevada.

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