Patients & Visitors


  • We treat everyone with empathy, courtesy, sincerity, respect and dignity.
  • We make a personal connection with patients, families, visitors and coworkers.
  • We impart hope and strength for those who are in a vulnerable place in their lives.
  • We appreciate the individuality and preferences of patients including respect for differing cultures, viewpoints and beliefs.
  • We treat the patient’s room as their personal space.
  • We will knock before entering a patient's room.
  • We will close curtains and doors.
  • We provide cover for the patient with gown/sheets.
  • We use a chaperone when needed.
  • We always explain to the patient what we are doing to maintain their privacy.
  • We anticipate the needs of others and will be accountable to meet those needs.
  • We are available to patients/families at all times including times of crisis.
  • We try to understand our patient's needs.
  • We remember that our customers are in an unfamiliar environment and are relying on us for help.