Patients & Visitors


  • We have a positive attitude.
  • We take pride in the professionalism of our appearance and the appearance of the hospital.
  • We represent MountainView Hospital positively in the workplace and community.
  • We communicate with good eye contact, a smile and a friendly tone.
  • We demonstrate positive reception for questions.
  • We embrace change as a step toward improving our work environment and accept that change is a part of developing a culture of excellence.
  • We are mindful of verbal & nonverbal messages when interacting with others.
  • We answer the phone with a smile.
  • We are thankful to patients for choosing MountainView Hospital.
  • We recognize that we are here for our patients.
  • We always greet visitors and introduce ourselves professionally, establishing a duration, providing an explanation and saying "Thank you".
  • We are courteous, willing to help, take initiative and are proactive.
  • We acknowledge others, especially those who "look lost" or need help.
  • We use please and thank you in all conversations.
  • We wear our ID badges appropriately at all times.
  • We keep our work area, department and facility clean and organized.